A New Placemaking Charter for Wales

On the 24th September 2020, Julie James, Minister for Housing and Local Government launched the new Placemaking Wales Charter at the Welsh Planner Live Conference.

The Charter has been developed in collaboration with the Placemaking Wales Partnership which is made up of stakeholders representing a wide range of interests within the built and natural environments.

The aim of the Charter is to strengthen the focus on Placemaking in policy and practice in Wales.  The Charter outlines six placemaking principles that cover the range of considerations that contribute to establishing and maintaining good places.  These include:

  • People and Community
  • Movement
  • Public Realm
  • Location
  • Mix of uses

Planning Aid Wales is pleased to confirm it is a signatory to the Charter and commits the organisation to the principles and to support Placemaking across Wales.

To find out more please follow the links below:

Placemaking Charter>>

Placemaking Digital Guide>>

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