Place Planning & youth engagement in action

Building on the success of our Place Plans guidance (see, Planning Aid Wales (PAW) is proud to supporting Newtown Town Council as it develops its first Place Plan.

Working in partnership with Place Studio, Planning Aid Wales is facilitating a series of stakeholder and community engagement events in order to identify needs and provide a platform for evidence gathering.

The first stakeholder engagement event was held on the 30th January 2019 at Newtown Football Club. The event ‘mapped’ built a shared understanding of local land use issues and identified local groups willing to take the lead in collecting the evidence needed for the Place Plan. 

Following the lively and interactive first stakeholder event, Planning Aid Wales facilitated an even livelier youth workshop with budding planners from 7 local schools. 43 children gave their thoughts on the Places and spaces that are important to them; the theatre, cycle paths, skate parks and scout huts to name a few.

The children enthusiastically identified land use issues they wanted considered in the Place Plan – many ideas came forward after lively debate; needless to say, the event was fruitful.

Work will progress on the Place Plan throughout 2019.

Click here for more information on how PAW can support Place Plan development or take a look at our guidance at

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