Planning Policy for Beginners

Every planning application in Wales is decided against local and national planning policies. But, what are these policies, how are they made and more importantly, how can you engage in their creation. Good planning policies can improve the places we live in and protect the things that are important to us. Local communities are experts on where they live and by getting involved in making planning policies, they can help make places better for everyone.

This course will cover the different types of planning policy in Wales, how these policies are made and how you can be involved in contributing to planning policies for your communities.

In detail, this online course will explore:

• A brief overview of planning policy and its structure in Wales, including the forthcoming National Development Framework, Planning Policy Wales and supporting Technical Advice Notes and how they can affect local decisions.

• An explanation of the Local Development Plan planning process, evidence gathering, consultation and how the LPA consider this information.

• Information on the importance of making links between national, regional, LDP policies and supplementary planning guidance.

• An explanation of how and when you can engage in the LDP consultation process to shape these plans.

• Advice on how to find the relevant information you need to improve your responses

• Guidance on how to improve your responses on planning policy consultations.

• Brief overview of Place Plans and how they can contribute to your response to policy consultations.


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