Solving Problems with Planning Online

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Everything is online these days.

Planning has been moving online for more than ten years and COVID-19 has made this move even faster.

The problem is, there is so much information on planning out there, where do you start?

This new interactive course will walk you through a range of planning problems and how you can solve them by using the internet:

• How can we find out more information about planning applications and planning policy?

• How can we respond to them?

• Where can we get guidance on specific planning questions?

• How can we go about engaging our communities online?

In the course, we will explore and demonstrate some really useful online tools you can use to answer all of these questions, including:

• Welsh Government and County Council websites.

• The Planning Aid Wales website and online training portal, the Planning Portal and Place Plans website.

• Online resources such as Landmap, NRW Flood maps, CADW historic maps data that you can use in responding to planning applications.

• Community engagement tools – an overview of using social media and other online resources that allow community participation.

• An overview of how the planning inspectorate is moving online with hearings.

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