Recent Successes

Planning Aid Wales is a Wales-wide charity working for effective community involvement in planning. We work with planning authorities, local communities and the Welsh Government to help create a more accessible and participative planning system. We are core funded by the Welsh Government.

Our website, telephone Helpline, guidance publications and training events give thousands of people each year the information and advice they need to engage with planning. Our small staff team works with a network of almost one hundred dedicated volunteers, the majority chartered planners, to deliver our services. Last year volunteers contributed over 1,000 hours to increasing community engagement with the planning system.

As an impartial and independent planning stakeholder in Wales, we work to build public understanding, increase community engagement and manage expectations, thereby supporting delivery of the planning system.

See below for more specific information on some our recent successes.

Community engagement in plan-making in Flintshire

We were asked by Flintshire County Council to help build capacity amongst local communities in Flintshire to engage with strategic policy making and provide targeted guidance designed to help community and town councillors and the general public understand the importance and relevance of the LPD process.

For more information, download the easy read guide by clicking here.

Download the summary pamphlet by clicking here.

Training for Community and Town Councils

Town and Community Councils play a vital role in the Welsh planning system. They comment on planning applications on behalf of local communities and they work with planning authorities to help prepare Local Development Plans.

We have worked in innovative ways to trial a range of approaches for improving local community engagement with planning.

For more information, download the case study by clicking here.

Community engagement in the Brecon Beacons

Planning Aid Wales was commissioned by the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority in early 2008 to help engage around fifty community and town councils in the early stages of preparing a Local Development Plan.

For more information, download the case study by clicking here.



Access Statement Guidance

A well designed development allows for inclusive access into and around places and buildings so that everyone can use them. Since mid-2009 most planning applications have needed a Design and Access Statement. These explain how the design process has evolved, including how access issues have been considered and resolved.

Planning Aid Wales secured funding from the Welsh Government in 2009 to prepare an accessible guidance publication promoting inclusive access in new development proposals.

For more information, download the case study by clicking here.

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